Psytrance art

 Artwork inspired by psychedelic or meditative experiences, usually incorporating symbols and signs that refer to a deeper meaning and spiritual oneness. They are intricate and colourful, mandalas of bright mycelia surrounding a central point or pictures directly inspired by psychedelic substances like psilocybin mushrooms and the revelations they bring about. Often they contain many cultural… Continue reading Psytrance art

Psytrance Clothes

Here are a few examples of psytrance clothes. Garments usually made with organic fibres in a variety of earthy tones, with a delicate, pointed irregular look and fine detail like lace, buttons and holes to reflect aspects of the natural world and folklore. They are also light and easy to move/ dance in.

Psy Culture

There’s no fixed lifestyle connected to Psy Culture, but some things are quite common. Many visitors design and create their own clothes, often made of natural fibres (cotton, hemp etc.). Many have tattoos, piercings or other types of body modification, and many have their hair in dreadlocks. Similarly there are quite a lot of vegetarians and… Continue reading Psy Culture

Psy Festivals

Currently there are a couple of yearly festivals, especially popular are Burning Man in the United States, Boom! in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary, and the Rainbow Festivals. These festivals do not simply revolve around the dance floor. Art, spirituality and sustainability are also prominent themes of all these gatherings.Boom, Portugal. Ozora, Hungary. A major difference… Continue reading Psy Festivals