Teapigs are a brand that produce both herbal and traditional teas, and their branding is an economical, cosmopolitan product yet still with a local feel.

The packaging is a simple yet effective design, its unusual shape and brown paper casing making it eye catching, giving it a ‘recycled’ look. The font is large, bold but casual, and each label depending on flavour has its own roughly drawn cartoon style drawing, coloured in simply with block colouring. They give the packaging a quaint and artistic spin, and the colour slightly goes over the lines of the drawing giving it a homemade, organic touch.

Down below I have tried to capture the drawing style, a quick sketch with the colour spilling over the lines slightly.





Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a brand of herbal tea that specialise in organic, health beneficial infusions. Their main theme/selling point is the holistic, meditative, traditional theme. There areĀ  clear culturally Indian elements including mandala style artwork, lotus flowers and classically ‘yogic’ elements such as people meditating, as the name suggests. The tea cup is centralised, each… Continue reading Yogi Tea