Dairy Industry

The Dairy Industry is absolutely disgusting! Mother cows are artificially inseminated so they will produce milk, then instantly have their children taken away..this cycle will go on and on until the cow is old and no longer strong enough..they will then be killed and used for meat 😦  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX9z690rK-I  this video shows the life of… Continue reading Dairy Industry


The illustration on this front cover is quite inspiring, the colours used are really subtle but with the plain background the octopus stands out. The style is realist but quite whimsical, the detail makes it the main focus. The type also helps the illustration stand out as its so simple.

Rosie Sanders


Rosie Saunders is a Botanical artist who predominantly uses water colours to create her pieces. As you can see, she has incredibly precise technique and her ‘Flower’ works scream perfection. While it is a spectacle to behold, i feel this style of illustration would appear almost intimidating alongside the recipes within my book. I feel as though it would put a novice cook off the idea of trying something new because they might not get it as perfect as the illustration suggests.