For this final project I was given complete freedom with deciding what I wanted it be about and what i was going to make/ how I would make it. Although being able to create my own project was exciting it began to be quite a challenge because I had so many ideas and was unsure how to start my creative process.

I first started creating mind maps, mood boards and researching folklore, I finally had a starting point. I wanted to illustrate old Nordic folklore stories and perhaps make an elaborate book, however as a few weeks past a realised that I couldn’t do what i had planned with in the time frame and felt my skills weren’t up to the standard that were needed, luckily I had a back up plan which was to look into vegan cookbooks and make my own.

Researching veganism was interesting yet extremely brutal, the effects of the meat and dairy industries are disgusting so I wanted to create something that may change what people want to eat. I decided to aim for a younger audience as I believe its important for the young generation to be educated about what they are eating, how unnecessary animal products are and how easy it is to be vegan.

The recipes that I used for my cookbook are things that i often cook at home myself, super easy and cheap to make. I definitely drew inspiration from the research that I had done, especially from ‘The Vegan Stoners Cookbook’ as it had a sense of fun and I loved how the illustrations had character. Although the book was aimed at a younger audience I wanted to stay true to my style and made it very detailed and delicate. I stuck with using watercolour and pen, i then cut all the titles, text and illustrations out with a scalpel, this gave each page a wonderful 3D effect however was extremely time consuming! Making my own paper also gave the book a homemade feel to it, I wanted to do this so the reader could possibly feel less intimidated by it, rather than it being super neat and perfect it was slightly crooked and messy.

As always i probably could have used my time better, it would have been nice to add another page but because cutting out took up a lot of my time and became quite tedious I was unable to.

Overall I’m pleased with what i created and hope that other people like it.



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