Pesto pasta recipe

Ingredients: Any sort of pasta, vegan pesto, marinated or plain tofu, red and yellow pepper, spinach, black or green olives, red onion, hemp seed ( optional).

1. Choose amount of pasta and boil enough water to cover in pan, set to high heat and let boil. Stir regularly. Add salt and pepper ( Cooking time 10-15 mins )

2. Chop desired amount of peppers and onion. Add oil to frying pan and put on medium heat.

3. Add veg to pan and fry for about a minute before adding tofu cubes. ( cooking time 5-7 mins )

4. Chop some olives and add to frying pan with a handful spinach when the rest of the veg is done, put on low heat until spinach is Wilted.

5. Rinse the pasta and leave in pot, add the veg and stir. Add desired amount of pesto and stir until even. Serve.


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