Project Proposal

This project is completely sculpted by us and we have the freedom to create anything we like, I believe this will be quite a challenge as not having guide lines can sometimes makes it hard for me to really understand what I want to produce and how, however having this much freedom will allow me to explore new skills and develop existing ones. Working with water colours is something very familiar to me and i would like to carry on using them throughout this project and learn some new techniques. I would also like to improve my Photoshop skills to make my work look more polished. Something that i would like to bring into this project is book binding, i have a bit of experience but would like to expand my knowledge on it.

My idea for this project is to create and vegan recipe/cook book, I will illustrate and write recipes that i enjoy making myself and that are quick and easy to make! I believe a lot of peoples opinions on vegan food this that it is expensive, boring and time consuming, in this project i want to show that it can be the opposite. Although there are many vegan cook books, its hard to find recipes that you have all the ingredients for and are simple. My target audience for this project is children, teenagers and possibly young adults, i think its really important that there are vegan books out there for a younger audience so that they have the choice and are aware that you can eat delicious meals with no animal products. Because i’m targeting a younger audience i want to make my cook book really colourful and fun, and i have the idea of bringing fantasy creature into it such as faeries and trolls. I want to make sure it captures peoples attention and is done in a different way than most recipe books. Even though i made a book last year for my final project, i think it will challenge me as i want to use different materials and techniques.

During these next few weeks I really need to focus on time management as i believe i struggle sometimes with having enough time to do everything i set out to do. Another thing is remember to finish blog posts, in previous projects i have started a posts and have left them unfinished because i get distracted with another idea. I’m planning on posting all my research and everything for this project on my blog and also will have a small sketch book.



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