For this project we had to choose a subject that was linked to social action and promoted change. I was quite unsure to begin with because i wanted to choose something that was personal to me, i thought about looking into veganism and the dairy industry, however i went with ginger discrimination because its something that has effected me my whole life and i thought that doing something to promote being ginger for a young audience would be a brilliant as its something that i needed when i was younger but never had. I did loads of research on ginger communities and groups. I also looked at bullying and alot of articles. A main reason i wanted to do this for my project is because its something that happens so frequently but its not really recongnised as an issue. 

An artist that really inspired me is Phoebe Wahl, i loved the style of her work and it made me try out and use collage in my work, which is not something i would normally do.

Im really happy with how my final piece has come together, and its been really fun to create! The only thing that I wish I could have done is make it into a proper book ( sew it together and write a story to go with the illustraions ) however i dont think i managed my time well enough to do this.


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