Project proposal (so far)

When I was 8 years I had an experience that changed my life. I was playing in a park with a friend, my friend had a altercation with another child who was also playing in the park which resulted in some name calling. The child proceeded to tell her mother what had happened in terms of the altercation. The mother violently shouted the following words of discrimination:

“You I think I look an elephant (this was directed at my friend),AT LEAST I’M NOT GINGER!”

Bearing in mind this is was a middle aged adult shouting at an innocent child aged 8 years old; the message that she shouted has stayed with me to this day.

According to an Irish author and journalist Nick Bramhill:

“Unfortunately bullying of children with red hair is still common and people with red hair are often seen as acceptable targets because they’re not one group and not a race. It’s one of the last great social prejudices.”  (Bramhill, 2016)

This is an unfortunate issue that affects ginger people on a global scale. It is widely thought of that ginger discrimination is not an actual issue and that it should not be taken seriously.In this project my intention is to change people’s perception on ginger discrimination.

My aim is to conduct qualitative primary research in the form of surveys to discover a wide range of perspectives on ginger discrimination. I would like to use the research that i gather to help form visual metaphors. Because of my own personal experiences of ginger discrimination i think it would be beneficial to help a range of people from young to old that are facing similar problems as i did. I would like to create positive messages to help the younger audience, i will do this by celebrating the idea of being ginger.

I will research role models such as Tim Minchin who is a ginger comedian, actor, writer, musician and director that has been verbally abused whilst on stage for being a redhead.

For this project i will be documenting everything on my blog (wordpress) but will also produce work in my sketchbook.



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