For this project we had to ‘design to sell’ a product(‘s) and were given 3 different themes to choose from, Women Fashion Power, Mind Games and Every Human. It took me awhile to decide which theme i wanted to base my product around, but was mainly drawn towards Mind Games and Every Human.

Finally i chose Every Human and came up with loads of ideas surrounding this theme such as Freedom, Culture, Nature, The Mind and Movement/ Dance. In the end i started to think about Culture and Music but wanted to incorporate  something that i love as well, which led to looking into the Psychedelic movement and Psytrance Culture. I did a lot of research into this but also had a lot knowledge already which gave me an advantage.

I then decided that i wanted to create PsyClothing, however didn’t have much experience in fashion. The great thing about making these clothes was that they didn’t need to be perfect and i could create whatever i wanted. I also wanted to make a psychedelic print so did some artist research on Louis Dyer who’s artwork is extremely colourful, psychedelic and deep, which was very inspiring. Also having looked at other forms of ‘Trippy’ artwork i sketched some ideas and scanned my final print onto photo shop where i added colour. Overall with my print i’m very happy with it, i used a vibrate range of colours and a use of certain symbols that are often associated with the Psychedelic Culture. However it could be more polished as i’m not a photo shop pro.

The final clothes that i made i’m also very happy with, they took a lot of time to make as they can be quite intricate but they turned out how i wanted them to look, if not better. It was quite a challenging project because i had completely stepped out of my comfit zone!!!

Overall i’m very proud of what i created whether or not i sold anything!






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