Psy Festivals

Currently there are a couple of yearly festivals, especially popular are Burning Man in the United States, Boom! in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary, and the Rainbow Festivals. These festivals do not simply revolve around the dance floor. Art, spirituality and sustainability are also prominent themes of all these gatherings.boom-festival1.jpgBoom, Portugal.

maxresdefault (1).jpgOzora, Hungary.

A major difference with other festivals is that corporate sponsors do not dominate the atmosphere and the organisation involves many volunteers. Whereas beer is the main drug of most festivals, alcohol plays an insignificant role at Psy festivals (and parties). Instead there are Chai shops where herbal tea, fruit juice and other healthy products are served. As the name suggests, the Psychedelic Trance Culture revolves around trance states generated by the combination of “trippy music” and altered states induced by psychedelics.


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